Tag: tiefling


  • Menippa

    Menippa is rumoured to have been the greatest sorceress Maravenna ever saw. Generations of mages and treasure hunters have sought the Chest of Menippa, to no avail. Menippa's servant may know more of her secrets, if the golem could be found.

  • Menippa's servant

    Menippa's servant, who supposedly looks just like [[:menippa]], was lost for a thousand years. Her mistress instructed her to walk into the river and stay there; over time, however, the river changed course and the golem was buried. In recent days, …

  • Belestros

    Belestros hails from Tiefling realms far south. He is obsessed with the historical greatness of his people and with tielfing lore, culture, and arcane power.