Tag: Mage


  • Zomboni the Magnificent

    Most notorious graduate of the College of Magical Engineering, Zomboni (if that is his real name) engages in potentially hazardous guerrilla marketing for his zombie traps - themselves of dubious usefulness. Once ran through town wearing nothing but a …

  • Archmage Fulano De Tal

    Fulano De Tal lost the use of his legs in a terrible accident many years ago, and now gets around with the help of mechanical spider legs, built specially by the College of Magical Engineering. He specializes in the uncovering and deciphering of ancient …

  • Menippa

    Menippa is rumoured to have been the greatest sorceress Maravenna ever saw. Generations of mages and treasure hunters have sought the Chest of Menippa, to no avail. Menippa's servant may know more of her secrets, if the golem could be found.

  • Jethro Skull

    Jethro had just one duty: guard the Gryllus head in the basement of the museum. He failed. He's been imprisoned and is awaiting arraignment. In life, he seems to have been a dwarven mage of some sort. He and [[:menippa-s-servant]] seemed to know each …