Tag: Human


  • Countess Garolina

    Garolina (then called Garolina Cardsharp) was one of the four Majors, the neighbourhood bosses who banded together to depose [[:hars-iii]]. She became the next ruler because she skewered Hars herself - and because the other bosses agreed to it. She is …

  • Zomboni the Magnificent

    Most notorious graduate of the College of Magical Engineering, Zomboni (if that is his real name) engages in potentially hazardous guerrilla marketing for his zombie traps - themselves of dubious usefulness. Once ran through town wearing nothing but a …

  • Captain Crag

    Captain Crag doesn't like you much, but if you learn anything useful about what the dwarves are up to, he wants to know right away.

  • Dr. Jones

    Dr. Jones perished during the recent unfortunate events at the museum. [[:jethro-skull]] is being questioned.