The Story So Far

Our five adventurers met at a lecture by Archmage Fulano De Tal at the Temple of the Unknown God(ess). All five were present during goddess’s transformation; she hit puberty so hard she caused a small earthquake.

The Archmage really hoped he could persuade his former student, Elion, to mount an expedition in search of the Chest of Menippa. The Archmage even sent his own bodyguard, Xune, along with the party, since they were clearly not going to get very far without him.

Elion and Adrie both knew Shuque Mandingo had been dealing in antiquities recently. They took the party to his house to determine whether he knew anything about the Chest, or could help fund an expedition. Shuque, alas, had cash-flow issues, and couldn’t help directly, but was able to direct them to some dwarves who were dealing in antiquities. At Shuque’s house, Amara attempted to administer his monthly love potion, but failed spectacularly, leading the party to mistrust her.

The party proceeded to the docks, where two dwarves guarded three barges full of crates. The dwarves were apparently nervous; they attacked the party almost before the party had a chance to speak. After killing the dwarves, the party examined the contents of the barges and were attacked by clay scout homunculi. The homunculi were guarding the head of Menippa’s servant, and its accompanying spell-stick.

The party then visited Mungo Halfprise, who was willing to equip them a bit in exchange for a share of whatever treasure they might find. A chance comment by Mungo inspired everyone to see what would happen if they stuck the spell-stick into the golem’s mouth; the party found an empty warehouse in which to attempt this. The head came right to life, but was singularly recalcitrant, and nobody could fetch the spell-stick back out without risking a bite.

The party headed for The Museum of Antiquities, hoping the director, Dr. Jones, could give them some insight into this head and where they might start looking for antiquities themselves. Unfortunately, the museum was closed.

I will do some logging when I get to it! Really!

I’m still figuring out how to do everything. I do think we need some kind of recap where everyone contributes a bit – we’re all blind and this is a very big elephant. I know I don’t remember it all.


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